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Welcome to Trafalgar Law

Here to help you with any legal problem that may come your way.

We are different, we are non stuffy, non traditional, approachable and modern people who just happen to be the some of the best Lawyers in our areas of expertise.

What do we do, we are court room lawyers who specialise in problems that originate around day to day and business life.

Our services range from advising Businesses to advising individuals on family breakdowns, access to children, adoption, housing problems, pensions, an argument with the local supermarket to problems with something you have bought on ebay, unfortunately we cannot help with any problems that have found you talking to the Police.

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Our vision and purpose
  • We will strive to to give you clear and frank advise.
  • We will aim to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • To provide you with the service you expect, but at a reasonable and sensible cost.

If your problem is outside of our expertise, we will tell you straightaway and try our best to put you in touch with other like minded lawyers.


Would you like to save 10%
on your legal fees?

Would you like to save 10%
on your existing legal fees?

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